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I have always been fascinated by cameras and photography. As a child, I would always ask my mom if I could use her camera to take photos. Capturing moments on film brought me such excitement. I loved hearing the flash turn on, the sound of the click, and feeling the camera's movements. When I bought my first camera, it was a simple point-and-shoot that used 35mm film. Even though it didn’t have many settings, it taught me so much. I learned the wonderful power of color, lighting, framing, composition, and above all creativity.

Since then, I have had many cameras, taught myself new techniques, trained myself on different equipment and programs, and have done photography for various departments at the University of Arizona. I have gone out, experimented, and explored with my camera and equipment on hand. I continuously learn new things about myself through my art which keeps me growing as an individual and as an artist.

Photography is a way for me to both connect with and find refuge from the world around me. Exploring my surroundings through a lens makes me notice both the big things and the details in those things. I have learned to find beauty in almost everything. What may be chaotic and ugly to one person may be the complete opposite to another. It is these differences in perspective that make art fascinating.

Through my art, I am able to show you the world as I view it and hope it opens a new perspective for you as well.

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